Major Nerd Alert Post: Star Trek Into Darkness Thoughts


I finally got around to watching Star Trek: Into Darkness today, and boy was it a let down. I should actually preface these thoughts by saying that I’m a pretty big Star Trek nerd. I don’t actually consider myself a “Trekkie” or “Trekker” or whatever they want to be called now, I don’t cosplay for the most part (I have a uniform I wear on Halloween), and I still haven’t actually seen all of the episodes (working on Voyager and Enterprise).  I certainly know some people who would be classified under the “Trekkie” heading, but even though I am a big fan, I am not one of “those people”.

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Saints, Cowboys, Playoffs, The End Is Near

Only three more games left in the 2013 NFL season and my two favorite teams are doing what they normally do. The Saints are playing like a well-oiled machine and the Cowboys are having their December breakdown.

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Adventures in iOS Gaming


I won’t lie, that which I cannot deny… I love iOS gaming. I’ve been an avid PC gamer, a console gamer, and now I do almost all of my gaming on either my iPhone or iPad. They’re not the best pieces of hardware out there for every game, but I think they’re the most convenient for MOST games. And with MFi controller support right around the corner, iOS gaming is going to really disrupt console and maybe even the PC gaming industry.

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Classic Rom-Coms… The Hepburns, Mr. Peck, and Ghosts OH MY!


I recently watched a trio of classic Romantic Comedies and I’d like to share a few thoughts on them. I’ll go in chronological order because I don’t really remember what order I watched them in.

First up is Bringing Up Baby (1938) with Katherine Hepburn (aka Kate the Great) and Cary Grant.

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A Journey Through the Criterion Collection


I like movies. But really, more than that, I like stories. Good stories. Well told stories. That’s why I enjoy watching movies from the Criterion Collection, I feel like it is the single best collection of stories throughout the world and recent history, available on the planet. My personal journey through the Criterion Collection started in 2008, when I decided to watch every movie Criterion has released. But the real journey, about storytelling, goes back much further than that, and I’d like to share that story with you today.

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Welcome to my new website where I will (mostly) be blogging about my journey through the Criterion Collection, and movies in general.  I’ll occasionally post about other things I’m interested in like iOS gaming, sports, politics (gasp), and cats.



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